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The Chef – Monique

I have had an affair. A long-standing affair……with food!

My earliest memories from childhood are of being at my grandfathers knees (arms wrapped around one of his legs, a total nuisance, hoisted around the kitchen), being fed tidbits while he yelled at the closest ‘unfortunate’ in Mandarin. Yeye (grandpa), was the cook for a Chinese gambling house in Kingston, Jamaica. He lived on the top floor and basically terrorized everyone. But they put up with him……Because his food was DIVINE!

My parents and aunts further helped me to appreciate good food, as they are great cooks. Food is love and you can tell when a meal has been prepared with care and when it was thrown together in a hap-hazard manner.

I love to cook & bake! I am often asked what is my favorite cuisine… A difficult question to answer because though I was trained classic French, my Jamaican Chinese heritage calls to me & I also love international cuisines and of course, fusions of some of the previous.

I have been cooking since my early 20’s but wanted a formal education. To that end, I attended the French Culinary Institute, NYC (now International Culinary Center (ICC), where I received my degree. From there I furthered my craft with a stint at Nobu, gaining some experience in Japanese cuisine, which furthered my love of Asian food.

After awhile I found a large commercial restaurant not to my liking. So, for the past few years, I have been catering and hosting dinner parties in Manhattan (NY), Port Royal (Naples, Fl) and Miami (Fl).

I love to entertain and prefer a more personal touch.

Food is more than a means of survival. It is the sharing of a wonderful experience, a revelation of new sensations, and a sensual pleasure at it’s best!

Entertaining & bringing people together.

Shared stories and laughter…A good thing!

Something I have been doing since my early 20’s as an entertainment coordinator at Hedonism II, Jamaica, then as entertainment manager at Sandals, Montego Bay (Jamaica) and later Treasure Key, Abaco (Bahamas).

My motto…….Live, Love, Laugh & Dine!

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